Documentation : Users

General informations

Every environment has it's own user list. Only users from environment - by providing their login and password - can perform operations on mobeelizer cloud such as synchronization. That's why every provided SDK requires calling login method before any operation.

User attributes

User is defined by attributes:

loginyeslogin of user (must be unique in environment scope)

password required to authenticate user

groupyesgroup to which user belongs
mailnooptional user mail
adminyesUsers marked as admin are capable of managing other environment users. See HTTP API user management for more info.
List of available user groups are taken from deployed version. If you deploy new version to environment list of available user groups may be changed. Especially if you delete group from version and deploy it, users belonging to this group will be disabled (they wont be able to use system) until you update their info with new group!

User management

Users can be managed in two ways:

Manually user management

You can enter your environment page in App Designer. There you can find Users menu position on the left where you can manage your environment's users.

When you creating new you need to enter its login (required) and password. Also you have to choose user group from list.

Management by HTTP API

See HTTP API References for more informations.


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