Documentation : Push notifications

What is Push notification

Push notification is message that can be send from server directly to the device - opposite to traditional pull requests when device is asking server about content. Massage can be shown to user - even if he's not currently using application - or can trigger some application functionality.

Existing technologies

Currently both Android and iOS systems provide Push Notification services. Google Cloud Messaging Messaging and iOS Apple Push Notification Service are responsible to send messages directly to users smart-phones.

But these services provides developer with only basic mechanism. Application on it's back-end must provide system of registering device tokens - send by device on application launch. Then - when message is going to be send - application server must iterate over all registered device tokens and for each of them call Android's GCM or Apple's APNs service. Of course both of these API's are different and developer have to respect all differences like unregistering mechanisms, message confirmation etc.

Mobeelizer Push notifications support

Mobeelizer helps developer by providing all back-end functionality. You have to send only one request to send notification to all devices - regardless of their operating system.

And there is more. By adding request arguments you can send message to specific user, group, device categories - or any combination of these. We'll take care about finding right devices and perform all sending operations. We also make sending messages part of our mobile SDK's - so sending notification from mobile application is as easy as calling method.

All notifications are send only inside environment devices - so you can be sure that no unwanted user will be able to see your application's messaging.


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