Documentation : Overview

Why Mobeelizer

Every client application has a local copy of all data.

  • Applications written using Mobeelizer are faster, more responsive, work off-line.
  • You develop your application like it was using only local database - you don't worry about obtaining data and synchronization, one-button-magic - by calling only one method all back-end communication happens - system is sending all changes user made since last synchronization and receives changes made by others. So in no-time client application has the same data as Mobeelizer cloud data-center.

What else

  • easy data storage based on models created in powerful App Designer
  • support for files storage connected with models
  • very powerful users and credentials configuration
  • support for multiple platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Titanium and HTTP API clients in any application technology
  • solution for conflicts registering and strategies for automatic and manual resolving
  • scalability and relability based on Amazon Services
  • apps metadata versioning and multiple test and production environments support
  • possibility to work in development mode with our SDK (more in References)


This is a closer look at our architecture.



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