Documentation : Environments

What is environment

You can think about environment as a single, independent instance of your application. All data and users are separated.

Basic concept beneath environments is to make application production cycle more developer-friendly. By using test environment you can test new version of your application without danger of interrupting your clients and influencing their data.

Test and Use

There are two types of environments:

  • Test environments ¬†- should be used for testing and debugging only
  • Production environments - are official instances of your application

Test environments works identically as production ones, but they have limitations in number of requests and data.

You have to set different parameters to connect with test and production instance - so read carefully 'How to use' section in App Designer!


Lets stop for a moment and think about environment and versions. Every environment always has one and only one version deployed on it. You can change this version - by clicking one of 'deploy' buttons or by directly clicking 'change version' link.

On the picture above:

  1. Deploy version of this test environment to production
  2. Deploy current version to this environment
  3. Manually change version of this instance (for advanced users)

One environment not enough?

The concept of environments in Mobeelizer allows you to have as many environments as you want. When you create a new application then one test and one production environment is being set. That's enough for most of use cases. But sometimes it's not enough.

To create more environments go to 'environments' section on 'Test' or 'Use'. There you can see list of all your test or production instances (depending on which step you are on). Using simple form you can create new instance - current version will be automatically deployed on it.

To switch between environments just hit 'choose' button on list view. Notice the change of instance name on left-side menu. Now you can manage users or versions of selected instance - to switch to another just hit 'chose' button on list view again.

To connect your client applications to instances you have to change configuration and login parameters. Read 'How to use' section to find out how to connect with selected environment.


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