Documentation : Android Advanced Tutorial


The following examples may be useful to understand of API usage and approaches to creating applications using Mobeelizer.

These examples are implemented in API demos application which can be downloaded from our github repository.

In this document we assumes that you are familiar with:

Sample projects

Each sample is fully functional project and is created separately. In each project two users will be defined. In runtime users can be switched in order to see Mobeelizer functionality. 

Examples will start with creating new application inside App Designer. Then project template will be exported and additional functionality will be developed inside template.

  • Simple sync - This example shows a simple way to sync data between multiple users and devices.
  • Files -  This example shows how to share binary data between multiple users and devices.
  • Permissions - This example shows how to protect your shared data.
  • Conflicts This example shows conflicts arise when two users modify the same data.
  • Relations - This example shows how to work with models relations using Mobeelizer.
  • Push notifications - This example shows how to send push notifications to all users or just to one specified user.